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This article was received intuitively from my non-physical spiritual “Team.”


In this channel, we are addressing this topic solely from a spiritual reference point. We would ask readers to temporarily put aside familiar medical or genetic factors involved in Alzheimer’s disease. For now, we ask you to accept the idea that all illness is “created” from thoughts/expectations, emotions, and for spiritual growth.

In the case of Alzheimer’s disease, there are a number of reasons why a person/soul might find himself with this disease. What follows are the primary spiritual causes of this disease. You can determine which, if any, applies to you or your loved one.

Exhaustion and/or Overwhelment. The sufferer may have been overwhelmed most of their life with too much responsibility—a never-ending life of serving others, for example. They may also feel overwhelmed with the idea of planning for their death—not only worrying about the details but having fears and concerns for the people they leave behind, especially if those left behind seem, or are, dependant on them in some way.

Fear of death. The Alzheimer’s patient may have had a lifelong fear of dying and so has chosen a way to ease into it. As Alzheimer’s progresses, patients tend to be out of their bodies more and more, and will enter into a state where the life they have outside of their body (in a higher dimension) becomes more and more their reality and their physical life feels more and more like an ongoing dream from which they move in and out.

It is this dream-like state that causes the confusion and frustration outsiders see as the patient struggles to get a grasp on a world that seems intangible or ephemeral.

From the patient’s perspective, their non-physical life provides them with much, peace, comfort, emotional support, and even intellectual stimulation—one reason why they may actually seem happier at times. This enables an easy and safe-feeling transition into death, so it does serve them quite well.

A need to feel nurtured. A patient may have had a life where he/she was always giving to others and/or was unable to accept love and assistance from the people around them, thus creating a huge imbalance in their lives. On a subconscious level, they long for their life as an infant where they were loved, nurtured, and all of their needs were met. Spiritually speaking, “creating” Alzheimer’s disease before they die is an excellent way to bring balance to the totality of their life, bringing healing and closure to this incarnation and allowing the next incarnation to begin totally fresh.

Of course, there are as many variations on these themes as there are individuals with Alzheimer’s. How long a patient might live once “diagnosed” with Alzheimer’s is an individual matter. When the soul feels like the healing or work they want to accomplish in this incarnation feels complete, they will likely move on.

The most important thing that we would like to get across is that no matter how “out of it” your loved one might seem, they do access other dimensions in such a way that they fully understand and are aware of what is going on their 3D lives.  Visits, kindness, expressions of love and gratitude, little gifts, etc. are fully received and appreciated in a different dimensional context.

©2014 Rhonda Weisberg

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