Your unique Soul Portrait invites you to explore and begin living the joyous, abundant life you were always meant to live. Your portrait’s colors and symbols help connect you with your spiritual nature, bring your latent talents to the surface, and help with emotional healing. Your higher self and non-physical helpers assist me in this process. Recipients of Soul Portraits often report how rich the symbolism is for them and the more they explore their portrait, the more information they receive.

The creative process I use involves a variety of steps:

1) A 30-minute intuitive reading and consultation with you to explore what is important to you—your career, relationships, health, spiritual growth, passions, etc.

2)  I meditate and connect with your higher self, spirit guides and angels to determine what other images, symbols and colors they would like me to bring forward into your portrait.

3) I create your Soul Portrait with very image carefully illustrated and deliberately placed so you will be able to easily reflect on its meaning to you. Your Soul Portrait is digitally illustrated allowing for high resolution printing in any size.

4) You’ll receive a beautiful, matted, high quality 11” x 14” photographic print that can be placed in a standard size frame. I am happy to assist you with any further printing (such as on canvas)

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