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Fruits and vegetables

This article was received, in part, intuitively from my non-physical spiritual “Team.”

The topic of food and nutrition is certainly a hot one for those interested in improving their health. From our non-physical perspective, though, it is fairly easy to sort out.

First, one must accept the idea that humans live in a vibrationally-based universe. Everything one sees, feels, hears, and tastes has a unique vibratory nature; vibrating at different rates and frequencies. In fact, one of the reasons non-physical beings cannot be seen is because their rate of vibration is so much faster than that of humans. Liken it to the blades of a fan: when stopped they are visible, but the faster they turn, the harder it is to make out the individual shapes until finally, the blades disappear. Individual humans also vibrate at different rates, based largely and simply on how happy they are and their capacity for giving and receiving the highest vibration—love.

Taking that into account, all food—whether from beast or plant—has a vibratory signature. Unadulterated living things have the highest/fastest rates, while dead or decaying things have the lowest. The higher/faster the vibration, the healthier the food. Enjoyment, gratitude, and appreciation of food can also raise vibration to some degree!

Spiritually speaking, as an individual evolves spiritually and their vibratory rate quickens, they may find they prefer foods that are also faster/higher in vibration and even find a new found dislike for foods once enjoyed.


Beginning with the plant world, organically grown plants have the highest vibration and the sooner you eat or freeze them after picking, the higher that rate stays. Organically grown plants grown by individuals who love to grow and nurture plants are of even higher vibration.

The more chemicals or genetic modification that is introduced into a plant, the lower the vibration; all canned fruits and vegetables are even lower. Cooking also affects vibratory rate; some rates are actually improved by traditional cooking. On the other hand, microwaving renders plants (and meats) of all kinds virtually lifeless.

Needless to say, all processed foods are virtually devoid of any life-giving vibration.


Though we understand that many people would never dream of eating an animal, the animals that humans raise for food understand that that is their role and under the right circumstances happily give up their lives for that. However, their vibratory rate can be compromised by abusive conditions, excessive additives to their diet, lack of sunshine and natural feed, lack of play/socialization with others of their kind, and lastly, but importantly, a lack of gratitude and appreciation for what they sacrifice.

At the spiritual level, the negative emotions associated with most farmed animals are stored in their tissues, which humans then ingest, taking on that negativity to varying degrees.

Bottom line: happy well-fed, well-treated cows, will offer up much healthier meat—and are happy to do so. They intuitively understand the cycle of life and their purpose in it and know that it won’t be long before they are back to do it again and again. The loved and nurtured beast that is killed humanely does not suffer. Their spirit knows to leave their body at just the right moment. In reality, all beasts know when to leave, but for those commercially farmed animals, that knowledge does not justify a lifetime of fear, pain, and frustration.

At the very least, when eating meat, we suggest taking a moment to send gratitude and appreciation to the animal that died so you could thrive. Not only does that help the animal kingdom, it can raise the vibration of the meat as well.

Food Allergies

We weren’t sure we wanted to open this can of worms but we will briefly touch on it. Food allergies are an extremely individual matter but it does have to do with compatible vibrational rates.

Sometimes excessive eating of a particular food can weaken the compatibility between a person’s body and that food. Wheat and corn are good examples. Besides the genetic modifications they have gone through, humans ingest these in quantities so great that compatibility is compromised. In fact, all GMO foods will affect compatibility in various degrees.

Eating a food during a time of emotional stress can also affect how the body reacts to that food going forward, with the immune system perceiving it as a threat. Past life experiences can also play a part in that same arena. Fortunately, humans now have energy medicines available that can help deal with these situations holistically.


Don’t eat when you are unhappy or stressed. And don’t stress over any of this too much; your body can handle most of what you put in it most of the time. Eat what feels right for you. Sometimes a chocolate sundae is the best thing you can do for yourself!

Lastly, take time to give gratitude and appreciation to those animals and farmers who helped bring your food to your table—that in itself can raise the vibration of the food you are eating!

©2014 Rhonda Weisberg

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