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Through many years of working in cat and dog rescue and hosting and producing a radio show about pets, I have learned there are many differences between pet owners. There are those who own animals but never allow them indoors, owners who would throw themselves in front of a train to protect their pet, and everything in between.

It is always my desire to help deepen the bond humans have with their pets, so though I’ve broken the types of pet owners into four basic categories, I am not looking to pass judgment on the less “involved” pet owners, but more to indicate what the chances are of each group being able to form or deepen a spiritual bond with their pet.

The very basic type of animal owner usually does not intentionally seek to acquire a pet but gets one by default—maybe their child brings home a kitten or puppy or they’re given one as a gift, or perhaps they get a dog solely to guard their property. Often these animals are not allowed inside the house and only their basic needs of food and water—and sometimes shelter—are met. Veterinary care or training is rarely considered. Of course, a bond of any kind is never formed and usually the animal finds its way out of that situation, whether through an early death or just running away. When the animal runs away, these owners rarely try to find them. As heartbreaking as that is, sometimes these animals do find their way to a better situation. It is virtually impossible to shift those animal owners to a better level of pet ownership, much less create a spiritual connection. They were probably not brought up with pets at all or their parents only had working dogs that lived out doors. Generally speaking, it is not part of their consciousness to think of animals as other than things or property, rather than souls that have feelings and emotional needs.

The second type of pet owner takes a little more responsibility and is a little more involved but also doesn’t truly bond with their animals. They often acquire the animal on a whim or as a gift. They understand that the animal has basic veterinary needs and will go to the trouble of getting their pets spayed or neutered and appropriately vaccinated. They rarely have their dogs professionally trained or have special toys for their cats, for example. The pet may be allowed in the home and receive attention from time to time. Usually, for this type of pet owner, as soon as the animal misbehaves in any way, the owner is quick to do give up the animal without considering training or other options. I’ve known people to give up a pet if they change their décor, or when the animal gets too old to be “fun.” Basically, as soon as the animal becomes an inconvenience, it is soon abandoned in one way or another. This type of owner has the potential to improve and create a bond with their animals, but there can be psychological hurdles they must overcome in order to see their animals as more than just play toys that can be discarded when broken.

The next type of pet owner is more invested in their pets and will form a superficial bond with them. They do love their pets and will mourn them when they pass. They will provide adequate care and training for their animals but will not necessarily educate themselves in order to provide the best possible care within their means. For example, they may feed grocery store pet food or hire the first trainer they find, feeling they’re doing the right thing. For these pet owners, convenience usually trumps education. Sometimes the death of a pet can be an impetus to provide better care for other pets if they realize that had they done more to keep their pet safe and healthy, their pet would have lived longer. If they are willing, it is much easier to move this level of pet owner to the next level of bonding.

At the next level of pet ownership, the human is fully involved with their animals and understand that they have physical, mental and emotional needs. Their pets are part of their family and are cared for as if they were a human child. They are open and willing to do the research necessary to provide optimal care for their animals. They take time to train their dogs and play with their cats. They feel deeply bonded and grieve profoundly when their pets passing.

As great as the bond is for the last type of pet owner, it can be further deepened by exploring their spiritual connection to their pet. This is where I come in. As an animal intuitive, I help humans understand the spiritual aspect of the partnership they have with their pets. In the more “advanced” levels of pet ownership, pets are almost always part of their human’s soul family and have come to be with their human for a particular reason. One of my roles is to tap into that information to help both human and pet more fully benefit from their relationship by understanding what the animal is here to learn as well as to teach.

To learn more about how you may be able to better understand your relationship with your pet, you can attend one of my upcoming workshops or you can find out more about scheduling an appointment with me here:

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