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This article was received intuitively from my non-physical spiritual “Team.”

As more and more people are coming to understand that they have non-physical helpers who are with them all of the time, we felt it was important to talk about the role they play in humans’ lives.

First, it’s important to have a basic understanding of how physical matter comes into being. Most of you have heard the expression that “thoughts become things,” but how does that actually transpire? Unfortunately, it is a hard concept for humans to comprehend as it deals with multi-dimensional reality, a concept few humans can thoroughly grasp, including this channel. However, we will give you the concepts in a very basic way that we hope will be understood.

The human being, along with its three-dimensional physical form, has layers upon layers of what could best be described as holographic energy matrices, each one having a denser or finer/lighter quality of energy then the previous matrix, depending on the way you look at it—three-dimensions would be the densest matrix, thoughts would comprise the lightest matrix.

When someone has a thought/emotion it immediately becomes part of the lightest matrix. It will always exist there but unless more and more similar thoughts join it, it will stay at that level, never impacting the physical being. When similar thoughts/emotions are thought, they form a denser reality and move into a denser matrix. The more often or more powerful similar thoughts/emotions are, the better chance that they will “descend” to the physical matrix and, for better or worse, become “stuck” there. One can sometimes even feel this “stuck” energy in certain parts of the body; if the thoughts/emotions are of a lighter/happier nature, it can feel like a swelling of the heart in a pleasing way. If the thoughts/emotions are more “negative” in nature, there may be hard, uncomfortable, or even painful spots on the body. If the energy of the negative thoughts is strong enough, they may even manifest into a disease, though not necessarily correlated to a specific thought. (i.e. worrying about cancer may never give you cancer, but you may develop arthritis if there is a lot of stuck energy around another topic of concern)

Here’s where it becomes even more difficult to explain, but here we go: As in all things, the energy of thoughts and emotions are vibrational in nature and these vibrations are constantly being emitted. Your guides and other non-physical helpers (including your own higher self) are translators/transmuters of these vibrations. They work in tandem to introduce situations and people that match your vibrational signature on a particular subject to come into being. This backend behind-the-scenes process happens outside of time, and strong desires, emotions or even simple requests are introduced immediately into your holographic matrices, but in a layer somewhere between the thought layer and the physical layer. The human’s job, at this point, is to not interfere with the process of it coming into 3D by having conflicting thoughts and feelings. The great teachers, Abraham, speak about the buffer of time we have between thinking about something and having it manifest—and that is because it typically takes a lot of focused thought on a topic for it to come to fruition. To further complicate things, “positive” and “negative” thoughts and emotions on the same topic tend to cancel each other out. What we refer to as a miracle happens when a human’s vibratory signature is highly strong, steady and focused on the outcome or even when a human gives up (and all resistance with it) and decides to fully trust in the Universe.

We would like to make mention of how mind-altering drugs affect the creative process. As mentioned earlier, everything has a vibrational signature—the more animate the being, the more that vibration will shift around. All pharmaceuticals and recreational drugs have vibrational signatures too, which may or may not be compatible with a particular person; the reason why some people have drug allergies or reactions and some do not. Any drug that interferes with a person’s emotional or thinking process will effect the holographic matrices of that person. If someone is taking an anti-depressant, for example, they may have less negative thoughts which, in turn, allow “better” things to happen. On the contrary, if a drug numbs a person out, not much will change in that person’s life. When a human embarks on a true healing path, subsequently their vibrational signature will be altered for the better as well. This, in turn, can then cause a “mismatch” between who they have become and the drug(s) they are taking, and they can become more susceptible to the drug’s effects or even allergic. This is why it is very important to have your physical system professionally evaluated on a regular basis to make sure the pharmaceutical you are taking is still the right one or the correct dosage. Overall, it is best for the creative process if pharmaceutical drug use is limited to an “as needed” basis and recreational drugs are used on an extremely limited basis, with the highly addictive drugs eliminated completely.

Back to our relationship with you, the human being. Guides cannot—indeed are not allowed—to filter out or interfere with negative stuff coming in if it is a vibrational match to what the human is offering. However, the “negative” situations that flow forth are always seen as opportunities for growth, if the consciousness of the human is ready to learn or grow in that particular area. With all of that in mind, the best way to partner with your guides is to be aware of them and speak to them when you are looking for direction—or for any reason for that matter. The more you ask and are quiet enough to listen (such as in meditation) the lines of communication will open up. If a human is able to speak with their guides/higher self through intuition, muscle-testing, dowsing, etc. and they are asking for assistance, their non-physical helpers are more than happy (and allowed!) to impart information to the human for their highest and greatest good. The answers you receive may not come in the form of words, but more of a tug in a certain direction, a special person or animal who crosses your path, or a seeming coincidence. These lines of communication are opening wider every day, and with practice, it won’t be long before you hear us in words or pictures.

Your guides look forward to hearing from you.


©2015 Rhonda Weisberg

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