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The true meaning of Trust, humans frequently speak of, is little known. Humans profess they “trust” or “distrust” another human, implying an individual may or may not harm them in some way. Humans also say they “trust” things will work out well, implying there is a measure of safety in a future event or condition. Though the concepts of safety and security are correct interpretations of Trust, there is much more to its meaning.

Trust is the core of who you are! Trust is Love, another word for Source/God. When you truly resonate with Trust, you resonate with Source/God, of whom you are a fractal. You are recognizing you are one with Source/God and know you are an immortal being, understanding there is nothing in your life, on the planet, or even the Universe that can ever destroy you. To the extent you internalize this truth, is the extent to which you will have what you desire: health, happiness, success, relationships—abundance of every kind. Not to mention the amazing feeling of peace and joy you have when you feel connected to the All!

You might be asking yourself why you have Trust “issues,” if Trust is who you are? This is a very important question as a lack of Trust impacts every aspect of your life to some degree. For example, you may have complete Trust in your skills or talents but lack Trust in other human beings. In this case, it may be difficult to attract trustworthy clients (think “Law of Attraction”), which then becomes a self-perpetuating issue. The more untrustworthy clients you attract, the more you may be convinced people cannot be trusted, and you attract even more untrustworthy clients. And on and on it goes. The basis of this example can be applied to all life situations from relationships to the ability to heal your physical being.

Lest you start blaming yourself, Trust was probably broken even before you entered the womb! You are very likely carrying old wounds from countless lifetimes, all needing to be healed. All of your wounds come from a “disconnection” from Source/God. And truly, this is what physicality is about—allowing an illusionary disconnection so Source/God may learn more about itself through you and the multitude of ways you co-create your physical reality. This illusion of disconnection was not necessarily meant to create pain and distrust but through countless years of living in illusion, eventually the illusion felt very real.

Good news! Never has there been a more profound—or easier—time to heal this “rift” and allow yourself to BE “Trust,” in the fullest sense of the word. Though it may not appear so at the moment, the many planetary and solar system changes you are experiencing include high (more spiritual) frequency energies which are now continually bombarding the Earth. Regularly (daily!) tap into these frequencies through meditation, nature, art, music, or writing, etc. with the intention of being healed and watch what happens!

In Trust,

Rhonda’s “Team”

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