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I love telling the following story because it not only exemplifies the Law of Attraction, it also shows that, with the right mind set, how quickly things can turn around.

Before I begin, a few words about the Law of Attraction and how it operates. We live in a vibrationally-based Universe where like things are attracted to like things. Without going into an essay on quantum physics, the basic concept is that our thoughts—and even more importantly, our emotions—“weak” or “strong” ultimately become part of our individual, physical environment.  All thoughts and emotions have a vibratory signature. Given enough attention or repetition to a particular set of thoughts and emotions, those will then manifest into a “thought form.” With even more attention, the thought form will reach a point of physical manifestation—and —voila!—something has shown up in your life. Notice I didn’t say “something new” or “something different,” although that, thankfully, happens too. More often than not, we are creating the same things over and over and over again. That’s why you don’t typically wake up in a different bed, in a different city, etc. We strongly expect to get up in the same bed, etc. that we fell asleep in and so that continues to happen. Mercifully so, or we would all go insane.

However, as creative creatures we often want to improve our lives, whether it be a job, home, relationship, our body, and health, etc. That’s when very focused attention can bring amazing changes in our lives with little physical effort.  That’s all I will say for now as this could easily become an entire article. And I will do one of those one days soon.

We now return to my story. About 15 years ago, I was in dire straits. As a graphic designer, the industry had changed dramatically, with computers in the workstations of most employees. Unfortunately, many of my clients wanted to go “in-house” and try their hand at design. While I was reinventing my business, my income was nil and I was way behind on my house payments, small as they were. Out of desperation, I sold my house to someone I knew who was notorious for not being a nice guy (understatement)—let’s  call him “Joe”—with the idea that I would rent it back from him.  (There is a postscript to this aspect of the story at the end of the article for those who want more Law of Attraction confirmation.)

I was very depressed. Night after night I lied awake worrying about how my bills would get paid. During the day, I was too tired and depressed to get off the couch. I finally reached a point where I was so low that I just gave it all up to the Universe/God. (Yes, I know: why didn’t I do that a couple of years earlier???) Surprisingly to me, that lifted my spirits greatly. Not long after, I saw psychic Sylvia Browne on the Montel Williams Show. She talked about asking Asna when you wanted change in your life. I decided that anything was worth a try! In addition to having sold my home, I had turned in my leased vehicle and could not afford another, so that seemed like a really, really good time to start asking Asna for stuff. I asked and visualized and asked and visualized. Within a week I received a letter offering to finance a car and a week later I had a Nissan Altima! Used but in excellent condition!

To say I was flabbergasted was an understatement. At that point, I turned my thoughts to a house and asked for exactly what I wanted: three bedrooms, a large kitchen, a fenced in yard, a fireplace, and close to nature where I could hike with my dog. For a couple of weeks, all I did was ask Asna for this house. I had no idea how I would get it, especially since I had a large dog and three cats but I felt excited and I continued to ask.

Then it happened!!!  My friend, “Carol,” called me, irritated because her ex, “Mike,” had asked if she would live in her ex-mother-in-law’s home (rent free!) while her ex-in-law was in a nursing home. She had never liked her mother-in-law and was not too happy about living in her house. Inspiration hit and I said I would love to live there and even pay rent! “Mike,” being financially strapped, was ecstatic! I went to see the house and wouldn’t you know it: three bedrooms, a large kitchen, a fireplace, a fenced-in yard, and right next to Kennesaw Mountain National Park and a  mile from the Marietta Square. And a great neighborhood! The rent was only $500! I had hit the mother lode!

The story gets stranger. “Mike’s” mother died the day after I moved in! I thought she might have been waiting for the right person to move in. My sister, on the other hand, figured she knew she couldn’t come back!

Those miracles really turned me around emotionally and shortly after I moved in, my income increased dramatically. When my rental agreement was up, “Mike” agreed to sell me the house for what I could qualify for—far less than the house’s market value! I still live there and still love it!

Postscript on “Joe.” The sale of my house took far longer than it should have, with all kinds of strange bumps in the road. A year after the sale, while I was moving out, a friend of “Joe’s” advised me that “Joe” had been going directly to my mortgage company to buy out my contract, leaving me with no profit. Even though I was way behind on my payments, the mortgage company refused to go along with his scheme and he ultimately paid my full asking price and I wound up with a very nice profit. I truly believe it played out that way because I decided that despite what everybody else thought about “Joe,” I would be grateful to him. And truly in my heart, I was!

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