Readings for Pets

“Rhonda’s deep love for animals and unique understanding of appropriate human-animal relationships shines through in her readings. It can be so difficult to make appropriate decisions on care, re-homing, and what is causing an animal to behave in a particular way. We often wish we could just ask pets what they need or want.


Several times Rhonda has help me understand my cats’ needs and perspectives and feel better about the decisions I was making she has also been very helpful with personal readings for me. Her guides often add humor as well as clarity to those challenging crossroads. She helped me decide to leave a job where I loved the work, but had a toxic boss. I was afraid to confront this woman who had also been a “friend,” but once I did, I felt immediate relief.


Not only that, but I had an energetic shift, and since then I have been able to be more assertive and choosier about where I place my energy trust. While I have felt that shift from energy work, before I have never experienced such a profound difference from a reading. I am very grateful to Rhonda and her gifts.”

—Pamela Shook


“The intuitive reading that you recently did for my dog, Jif, was very interesting and enlightening.  You were spot on with identifying his favorite activities.  Thank you for the insight and recommendations regarding some issues that I was concerned about.  It was reassuring to learn that he is happy and feels well-connected to us.  We will keep an eye on the possible shoulder problem and be on the look-out for the missing ball!”

—Kathy Phillips


“A friend referred me to Rhonda years ago. Even though I liked Rhonda and thought she was good, I didn’t realize how good until she totally astonished me by bringing up a beautiful memory from my childhood that I had never told anyone. It wasn’t a secret, it just wasn’t anything that I would share with anyone who wasn’t really close to me since it was a childhood memory of my mother. I was again astonished by Rhonda’s reading of a very difficult dog who shares my life. I actually don’t have much respect for many “pet psychics” because, after all, who’s to tell if they are accurate or not? But what Rhonda said about this dog was priceless, made me laugh and totally nailed this dog’s imperious personality. Those two instances just underline of the overall reliability of Rhonda’s readings.”

—C. R.


“Our sweet Doodles was very happy when I initially contacted Rhonda for a reading and watched me intently as Rhonda conducted his reading by phone. There was quite a connection between Rhonda and Doodles! Not only was Rhonda very accurate regarding his present state, but she also provided practical advice as far as how to help him on the physical level. Doodles also got to meet Sarla, who is a gifted, intuitive animal healer and colleague of Rhonda. Since Doodles met these two powerful ladies, his swagger is back as he confidently reclaims his space in the house among his two cat sisters. His eyes look calm and clear, and he just seems to be more present and connected. Even my husband notices a difference! Doodles had a long history of medical issues and he now seems to be returning back to himself. It is truly amazing to see how impactful working on the energetic level can be. I’ve been a believer in this work and now, even more so.”

—D. Coll


 Readings for People

“I recently had a very enjoyable reading with Rhonda Weisberg. She (and her Sources) were incisive, cogent, and clear. Not only did I get all the information that I needed, but the explanations that Rhonda offered were very enlightening. In fact, those explanations were my favorite part! They elucidated the information given in great detail and made everything very easy to understand and put into action. I now possess some much-needed clarity about my future which I feel confident about putting into play. Thank you Rhonda!”

— S. W.


“I’ve had various readings (astrological, intuitive, Michael) in the past. This one was so very different in that the information I got was so very, very practical It did more to explain so many things to Wow….”

—Judy M.


“The insight Rhonda shows in her readings is at times quite amazing. I think I have a fairly good handle on my life but she has a found a few surprises for me which have changed my perspective on how things are—quite eye-opening on occasion.”

—Louise C.


Rhonda has graciously and patiently worked with me on my own issues, gently pointing out habits that are probably holding me back. One big one is procrastination. Another is my fear of having ‘too much’ money—i.e., surpassing my parents’ lifestyle. She suggested fresh, appealing techniques to help with both.


“But what meant most to me was Rhonda’s reading on my Mom, who has Alzheimer’s and can’t speak coherently anymore. She described Mom’s perceptions in a way that rang true and filled me with hope for her now and in her journey ahead. This has been indescribably comforting to me, and has brought me closer to Mom despite her severe limitations in expressing herself.”

—Judy B


“Rhonda takes a holistic approach to readings. She heightens senses and then picks up “impressions,” taking history and experiences into account. Depending on your goals for the session, she’ll hone in on issues and trouble spots and suggest solutions. By making connections between events and outcomes she teaches you to become intuitive as well. You’ll become more aware of your surroundings and you’ll be able to infer meaning.”

—Susan L


 Soul Portrait Workshops

“Rhonda’s Soul Portrait workshop is extremely fun, enlightening, and awe-inspiring.  Her techniques are so easy and yet the results are powerfully beneficial!!  I received rewarding insights for me at this time in my life and encouragement in how to move forward.”

—Christy C.


“I approached the Soul Portrait Workshop with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. After all, I had not drawn a single thing since the age of 11, and that, my art teacher told me was horrible! “No artistic abilities necessary read the flyer. “Okay, ‘I thought,’ we’ll see….” After a short meditation, which was calming and centering, we picked out our pastels and began to draw. To my immense surprise, after a little while my hand started to move almost by itself. I drew things that I had no idea I was going to draw—things I didn’t even know where in my consciousness! And I absolutely loved the finished product! I keep it by my favorite chair and look at it often, seeing new things in it all the time.


“Rhonda was right—no artistic abilities required! The only requirement is the one we all fulfill, the possession of a soul.”

—Deborah W.


 Soul Portraits

“I was fortunate enough to have received a Soul Portrait from Rhonda Weisberg. It amazed me and I was crazy about it immediately! Every bit of it was symbolic and information she could not possibly have known. There are four beautiful hearts, confirming that the extensive work I am doing now with my heart chakra is the right path for me. There are also stars and I have a star on my palm! There is so much more symbology to this. She did not know any of these things about my psyche, and she used my favorite colors, none of which I had told her about. This is a talented artist! I intend to enlarge mine as big as possible!”

—Sarla Workman

“My Soul Portrait is beautiful and playful—just what I need to keep my work-fun balance in place. I don’t think I told Rhonda about my favorite colors but they were ALL incIuded! I keep it on my desk to remind me to have more fun and to keep life joyful and light. It’s just what I needed and I didn’t even know it!”

—Judy Thoma


“Love, Love, Love it!

Rhonda’s custom Soul Portrait captured my heart! I can’t wait to hang it in my bedroom.”

—Suzi Beaumont


“My soul portrait includes two souls I recently lost. Each time I look at it I feel them close, watching over me. Very powerful!”

—Susan Lorek


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