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This article was received intuitively from my non-physical spiritual “Team.”

Much of the information we are bringing forth today may not seem like new information for a lot of you, however, what we are attempting to convey in this channel is a way for light workers like you to fine tune your energy—to raise your vibration higher and higher, allowing better health, more happiness and more of the things you are asking for to manifest in your lives.

Issue One

Many of you sometimes struggle with whether or not you are good enough. You often have preconceived notions that you must never have an unkind thought about another person, much less speak ill of someone else. You feel badly, or worse, guilty if you feel you aren’t doing enough for mankind, or even for specific people that you feel are in need. Certainly we are not advocating to speak ill of others or to not help out when you can. We are, however, advocating to stop admonishing yourselves every time you have a less than “perfect” thought or feel that you haven’t  “stepped up” enough. Guilt—which is nothing more than shaming yourself— and self-punishment for not being what you consider to be your best self causes you more personal harm than just acknowledging that there are people or things in your life that you do not care for. Simply noticing when you have  “negative” thoughts goes a much longer way towards deactivating them than noticing them and then beating up on yourself. It does not benefit you in any way to think of yourself as a horrible person because the stray “negative” thought crosses your mind. Dwelling on the idea that you very well might be a horrible person, only enmeshes you more in duality. And, of course, self-judgment is still judgment and we know how most of you feel about that. Why would you judge yourself when you don’t feel it is appropriate to judge others?

If you are striving to love every individual person in the world unconditionally, you may possibly be fighting against the duality that you came here to learn from. And, of course, fighting against anything only enmeshes you more in duality.  In other words, to transcend duality, you must accept duality. We would also advise that perceiving duality as negative does not serve you either.  Duality is no more negative than the color green is better than the color red. It is the game that you are playing in this universe, that you yourselves set up and agreed to eons ago.

All types of people offer duality to show you about yourself, too—even your closest friends! It is how you react that defines where you are vibrationally. Here are some examples. People who do horrible things are obvious. When you hear about something horrible that ISIS did, do you want to just bomb them into oblivion? Or do you see them as severely wounded people that need love and understanding? Others examples are not so obvious. When you hear that a friend has a serious illness, do you feel compassion first, then wonder how long it will be before you get sick? Or do you have gratitude for your perfect health, knowing that even if you do get sick, you can heal from anything? When your cousin calls to tell you he just lost his job, do you feel bad for him, but then wonder if you would be homeless if you lost YOUR  income? Or do you know that all of your needs are always met? No right answers, just barometers! Know this: faith and trust transcend duality.

We realize that all of you are familiar with the importance of self-love, so no need to discuss the obvious. What we are doing is picking some nits and showing you some specific areas where you may want to increase your vibration. The light that all of you carry is so huge that to ask more of you would be a dishonor. As we mentioned earlier, the “noticing” is enough to slowly deactivate your triggers. The more you notice without self-judgment, the quicker those people and things that irritate or upset you will stop being a part of your reality. Your self-judgment keeps those things you do not want active in your vibration.

We would also like to discuss the distinction between judgment and discernment. You would probably all agree that judgment implies that one person is somehow better than another person in some way or another. Discernment, on the other hand, is softer and more cautionary in nature. It allows you to acknowledge that someone is not appropriate for you to be around because that person’s energy feels off or even threatening. It allows you to choose your friends carefully and without guilt. For example, just because someone wants to be your friend, discernment allows you to not feel obligated to return the friendship if you sense that person is not appropriate to be in your life at this time. This is one reason why you have intuition—to DISCERN, not judge, what is or is not in your best interest.

Issue Two

In a few words: Step away from the collective. Unless of course you want to be stuck in 3D indefinitely. If you truly want to step into fifth-dimensional reality, you must acknowledge when you have been sucked into a collective mentality of fear and helplessness. Especially now, with your upcoming elections, that is quite the challenge! We are not going to advocate for a particular candidate, but we will say that for one reason or another, ALL of your candidates are steeped in 3D reality. None of them understand the personal power of the individual or how reality is created. Until you have a candidate that understands the multidimensionality of the human being and the metaphysics of the universe you live in, you will have candidates that use fear and victimhood to draw you in. We are not suggesting that you do not watch the news. However, when you do, please realize that the broadcasts are reflections of the fear and victimhood of the 3D collective and provide little value to you personally.

These are times to truly go inward and find your own personal peace of mind and know that nothing can hurt you. You are eternal beings who continually have non-physical assistance ready and willing to help if you allow it. You can choose to live the kind of life you want to live regardless of the political climate or the opinions of those around you. Use the opinions of the collection to gauge where you are on your personal journey. Are you easily sucked in? Are you able to maintain your balance? Somewhere in the middle? Again, no judgment. Notice, and if needed, gently remind yourself of who you really are.

A Few Last Words

We would like to add just a few words about maintaining and improving your health. Some of the minor health issues you are experiencing are because of your vibrational shift. Each of one of you will experience different things, but one thing you can do to allow your vibration to rise comfortably is to eat foods that have high vibrations. Raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are best, followed by cooked, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, beans and grains, and lastly, proteins that have been raised safely and humanely. Low vibrational foods, as many of you already know, are highly processed foods and animals raised in toxic, stressful environments. No need to be perfect, just understand the vibratory “clash” between where you are vibrating, or want to vibrate, and the vibrational signature of the foods you eat.

All of you know the benefits of meditation and allowing yourselves even 15 minutes of meditation a day would be highly beneficial. Also consider adding gentle exercises like Yoga or Tai Chi, or even toning to balance your energy.

© Rhonda Weisberg 2016

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