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This article was received intuitively from my non-physical spiritual “Team.”

Are you feeling as if you will never find your true purpose in life? Maybe you want your life to shift but don’t know how to make that happen or even what you want to do?

Good news! Deep down, you already know! You just need a reminder and the permission to embrace it.

As many of you know, our planet is going through great changes and many, many souls chose to come here at this space/time juncture to help in any way they could to propel Earth and its inhabitants forward in their evolution. The task was seemingly quite easy—just get down here and spread light (and work off a little karma while you were at it).

So whether you call yourself a “lightworker” or not, if you tend to have compassion and empathy for your fellow humans, plants, and animals, then you most certainly are. So there you have it—your purpose!

Now, how to become that beacon and fulfill your purpose? Do you need to become a “certified” healer for that to happen? Only if you want to. You can become that beacon just by being happy and willing to let others see and feel your happiness. For example, simply smiling at a stranger can have ripple effects far beyond our comprehension. You may be the only person who has smiled at this stranger for weeks on end, a stranger who may be feeling as if their life isn’t worth living, and then you come along and gift your smile—along with the healing energy that naturally goes with it—and that person’s life changes: Big change or little change, positive change builds on itself.

But what if you aren’t feeling happy yourself? Of course, there are many reasons why this might be true, but we will focus on one primary cause. Most of us knew soon after we began exploring the world, say by age five or six, what we enjoyed doing. Some of us couldn’t wait to begin reading, others wanted to draw all the time, others wanted to be around animals, etc. Take a few moments to think way, way back to your childhood and what you really loved doing. (If it was banging on pots and pans, that desire was probably squelched pretty quickly!)

Then elementary school happened. You had to learn all kinds of stuff most of it probably didn’t even interest you. Unless you were very fortunate, you were probably one kid among many, treated like everyone else, and your teachers did not have the time or tools to bring out your natural talents. Worse, if you were a girl growing up when I did, you may have thought your only choices in life were to be a mother, secretary, nurse or teacher.

In high school and college, your choices grew but there was still the perception that some subjects you enjoyed were just hobbies, while other subjects were considered the ones you needed to live in the real world. (I always wanted to be a painter, but chose graphic design instead because I was convinced I would starve as a fine artist! I enjoyed graphic design but there was never the joy and satisfaction that had come to me through painting.)

Most of us felt tremendous pressure to choose a profession that would, at least minimally, pay our bills. We hoped it would be a joyful profession. Often, like myself, we got close but missed the mark a bit and the gap between what we really loved and what we found ourselves doing widened greatly. For example, some natural-born healers who chose traditional medical professions found themselves in emotionally draining assembly line environments and are now discovering that they prefer to serve their patients through more intimate healing modalities, such as massage or energy work.

As we moved forward in our lives and became busier and busier, we tended to forget what we really loved doing. When, and if, we started to remember, there may have been a lot of concerns about how changing our lives so drastically would impact us, our family members and friends. (This used to be called a “mid-life crisis.”) Instead of giving ourselves permission to switch up our lives mid-stream, we got a sports car or a new hairstyle, etc.—some immediate satisfaction but still not the real thing.

In addition, so many of us are not sure we even deserve happiness—a God-given gift that we were unable to accept for a wide variety of reasons.

In any case, it’s time to get back to our roots, back to our hearts’ desires, graciously connect and accept our innate gift of happiness, and fulfill our purpose of enriching the world by enriching ourselves first.

When you can find time to embrace what you really love doing, then the joy you feel acts as a super-charged magnet bringing you all the components you need to shift your life permanently. If you are not already familiar with the Law of Attraction, check out these articles which are also on my website.

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